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At the heart of a smart system

Energy efficiency measurement by means of fixed instrumentation and a multi-utility consumption supervision system is the prime vocation of Chauvin Arnoux Energy

The Chauvin Arnoux Energy energy intelligence system is based around the E.online® software and a related product offering. Open, flexible and ergonomic, the extensive functions of this system provide a response to all the issues raised by energy efficiency measurement:
• Cost reduction
• Real-time monitoring of all the energy parameters
• Rebilling of energy consumption

Measuring / Testing

Designing a plan means first answering 4 basic questions:
  1. Why measure?
  2. Which parameters should be measured?
  3. How often?
  4. How accurately?

Chauvin Arnoux Energy helps you to choose the most suitable products for your requirements.

Allocating consumption?
Opt for our wide range of submeters

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MEMO 3 range

  • Compliant with IEC 62053-21
  • MID - Class B EN50470-3
  • Compact - 1 DIN module
See the range
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ULYS range

  • Compliant with IEC 62053-21
  • MID - Classe B EN50470-3
  • Modbus, Ethernet, M-Bus and KNX communication
  • For single and three-phase networks
  • Direct or CT connection
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Rebilling energy?
Choose our tariff meter


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TRIMARAN 2 range

  • Compliant with EN50160
  • Energy measurement and quality
  • For all the actors in the energy sector
See the range

Monitoring and analysing energy consumption?
Choose the ENERIUM power monitor

logo commission de regulation de l'energie


  • Compliant with IEC 61557-12
  • Available in Classes 0.5s and 0.2s
  • Modbus / Ethernet communication
See the range
And don't forget our current transformers
  • For general use
  • For existing installations
  • Specially designed for renovation
  • Specially designed for renovation

Centralizing / Transferring

Because measuring instruments are not always equipped with communication and continuous recording functions for the quantities measured, Chauvin Arnoux Energy proposes data loggers and pulse receivers to optimize operation of your energy performance system.


  • Open data logger - all equipment manufacturers
  • Remote retrieval of all energy data
  • Data file export for analytical applications
  • Local backup of data files covering several years
  • Simplified setup via web pages
See the range


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  • Up to 8 pulse inputs
  • RS485 communication
  • 8 trend curves
See the range


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  • Up to 8 inputs / outputs
  • RS485 and Ethernet communication
  • 12 trend curves
See the range

Communication interfaces

To handle all the types of installations, Chauvin Arnoux Energy proposes a comprehensive offering.

  • Ethernet: gateway, switch, modem router, etc.
  • Series: RS232/RS485 converters, repeater, dispatcher, etc.
  • STN: modem
  • Optical fibre: converters, etc.
  • Radio frequency: transmitter, data collection unit, repeater, etc.

Displaying / Analysing / Alerting

At the heart of the energy intelligence system, the E.online 2 software is essential for taking advantages of all the performance features of the whole system constituted by the metering, measuring and data collection products. An operational centre to:
• Provide accurate, relevant information
• Help with energy performance decision-making
• Monitor the results of the action undertaken over the long term


eonline 2 real-time display
  • Instantaneous display of all the quantities measured
  • Instantaneous detection of communication faults
  • Real-time aggregation of all the data retrieved remotely
  • Recording campaigns on the quantities measured


eonline 2 dashboard
  • Global, summarized view
  • List of alarms detected (log)
  • Up-to-date energy reporting
  • Real-time and historical evolution of the graphs


eonline 2 web energy reporting
  • Multi-energy dashboards
  • Allocation of consumption data by par usage, utility and entity
  • Calculation of energy performance and economic indices (kWhoe, €/m²/an, KWh/degree day, €/manufactured part)
  • Valuation of consumption / tariff contracts


eonline 2 web alarms
  • Parameterization of profiled thresholds
  • Distribution of alerts by email
  • Alarms log with descriptions of the events

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Did you know?

E.online 2 is used via a web browser and can be customized to suit each user.

Experience / Know-how

The know-how and services proposed by Chauvin Arnoux Energy cover all types of environments (industry, infrastructure, tertiary) and a broad spectrum segmented by project phase.

Initialization of the project
• Formalization of the objectives
• Aide à la conception d’un plan de mesurage d’installations existantes • Help with designing a measurement plan for existing installations • Profitability analysis

Implementation of the system
• Specific adaptation and development of dedicated application software
• Roll-out of the system on site
• Sizing of the machines
• Programming of the devices

Project follow-up
• Verification of the installation • Testing of remote data-retrieval operation and the consistency of the data collected • User training
Chauvin Arnoux Energy also proposes additional services
  • An annual maintenance contract
  • Remote maintenance and training operations
  • Data hosting on a dedicated server
  • Data analysis
  • Etc.

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