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The nuclear sector has been trusting us for 40 years

A comprehensive offering of essential products for monitoring and controlling the electrical distribution of nuclear power plants

Our advantages for the nuclear sector

Our strengths in the nuclear sector

  • Product quality: mastery of product design for severe nuclear environments

Development of products meeting the strict requirements of the technical reference frameworks in terms of lifespan, reliability (resistance to aging, etc.) and assistance with the various technical qualification phases (e.g. K3).


  • Quality process: the nuclear qualification frameworks (RCCE, IEEE, etc.) are integrated into our project management methods

Construction of the qualification files, implementation of industrial traceability and relevant inspections, control of the technical status of our products and assistance with auditing.


  • Long-term view: we support installed nuclear power plants throughout their long life cycle

Solutions developed in the 1970s installed in the first generations of plants and upgraded to the current standards for new nuclear products, maintenance of existing power plants through ten-yearly inspections, and improvement of safety.


  • Worldwide presence: our solutions are present all over the world

Qualification of our products on the different nuclear power plant models and generations built by a range of builders and operators, with positioning on the projects in progress, particularly in China and the United Kingdom.

Our offerings for the Nuclear Sector

  •  Mastery of the electrical power generation process:


T82N analog electrical measuring transducers

  • IEC 60688 Class 0.5
  • Available and improved since 1982
  • No programmable digital components
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  • Automation and control of critical loads

RE3000, OKB184, TOK and POK automation relays

  • K3 qualification
  • Instantaneous and time-delayed functions
    • Large choice of related sockets
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  • Supervision of the control room and the MV switchboard

NormEurope analog panel meters



  • IEC 60051-1 Class 1.5
  • Customization of the dial on request
  • Excellent seismic resistance
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  • Current sensors and sensors for critical environments:

SH7X / SHMI measurement shunts

  • Large choice from 1 to 6,000 A
  • Considerable overload capacity
    • Rugged, customizable design
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JVR / JVO / JVP current transformers

  • Large choice from 3 to 3,000 A
  • Multiple connection possibilities
  • Compatible with all types of conductors
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Resistance temperature sensors for nuclear power plants

Pyrocontrole's offering for nuclear environments