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News from Chauvin Arnoux Energy

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20 July 2022

Energy efficiency – or how to optimize your energy consumption

Chauvin Arnoux Energy is committed to improving energy efficiency!
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13 July 2022

Chauvin Arnoux Energy is taking part in the Tour de France!

The ULYS MCM meter leads the pack!
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30 June 2022

Looking for a solution to monitor your low-voltage electrical network feed?

Watch the video on our GridWatch solution!
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15 June 2022

Which is the right meter for you?

From the metering essentials to the highest-performance connected models, choose among our ranges of MEMO and ULYS modular meters.
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13 June 2022

Chauvin Arnoux Energy's products selected for the Hinkley Point C EPR

The first 3rd-generation nuclear power station in the UK will be equipped with our products.
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25 May 2022

Digital temperature scanners, panel meters, repeaters… Spotlight on our Naval offering

All our ranges and products for this market

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