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News from Chauvin Arnoux Energy

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19 October 2021

A comprehensive, innovative offer for measuring, analyzing and checking your electrical network.

Take advantage of Chauvin Arnoux Energy's support at every stage of electricity Transmission & Distribution.
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29 September 2021

Complete range of digital panel meters

Three ranges of digital panel meters to cover all your needs in terms of mounting, display and outputs (alarm, analog or communication).
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07 September 2021

5 steps to obtain K3 qualification!

Discover the different tests that our equipment has to pass to guarantee its reliability in nuclear environments.
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16 June 2021

Discover the 5 major advantages of ULYS MCM!

Ulys MCM offers condensed technology in a compact format, with features including the functions of 18 three-phase electricity meters in a single product.
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25 May 2021

The complete range of transducers

From power generation through to transmission and distribution, analog and digital transducers guarantee accurate measurements and their ruugged design ensures that they last a long time.
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16 March 2021

New Relays Catalog: the fruit of teamwork between France and Italy

Relays are an important range in CA Energy's offering and now benefit from a brand new dedicated catalog.