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News from Chauvin Arnoux Energy

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09 July 2024

Chauvin Arnoux Energy at the CIGRE 2024 Show: Essential for Optimizing Electrical Grids

Chauvin Arnoux Energy is proud to announce its participation in the prestigious CIGRE 2024 trade show, an essential event for the actors in the energy sector.
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23 May 2024

Learn all about installing your Ulys Flex meter!

Don't worry about commissioning your Ulys Flex: our new FAQs will help you!
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22 May 2024

How to control Data Centers' electricity consumption with our Ulys meters

Data centers, those pillars of the world's digital infrastructure, are essential for our day-to-day life online.
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11 April 2024

Check out our 2024 Selected Products Catalog!

This document contains 20 pages of concentrated technical information, proposing expertise and products for each of your issues.
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19 March 2024

New video about our MEMO and ENERIUM power monitors

Our ENERIUM and MEMO power monitors are ideal solutions for minimizing your energy consumption and optimizing your electrical installation.
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27 February 2024

Automation relays at the heart of critical nuclear applications

Depending on the needs, the load to be switched and the available space, we propose a wide range of automation relays proven in nuclear installations: see our selection guide!

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