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19 May 2020

With you, the Chauvin Arnoux Group and its companies are building the economic recovery

New-generation transducer: more open, more reliable, more user-friendly Download the commercial brochure...

22 Jan 2015

Choose the value to be watched to master and anticipate every risk on your electric installation

19 Jan 2015

An answer to all the questions you ask on Chauvin Arnoux Energy products in the FAQ section

The website now includes a new section on data loggers, grouping all the products proposed by Enerdis®. Multi-energy pulse or data concentrators, automatic remote data retrieval unit for recording and storing energy, climate and process data. All the latest news concerning this product range...

Power supply faults and deterioration of electrical power quality cause disturbances which affect the operation of the electrotechnical equipment present on the network. The Class 0.2s Enerium 300 power monitor supervises electrical networks' compliance with the EN50160 standard and is an essential aid for thorough surveillance and analysis of your electrical network.