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03 Sep 2020


New and extra-smart

The Ulys MCM offers condensed technology in a small format, with the functions of 18 three-phase electricity meters in a single product. It can measure current via a wide range of easy-to-install current sensors, including our current transformers available in 5 sizes and our MINIFLEX flexible clamp meters based on Rogowski technology. Set up your current measurement in just a few minutes thanks to its RJ12 connections. In addition, it provides all the electrical measurement and metering data (V, U, I, F, PF, Unbalance, P, Q, S, D, Ea, Eq, Es, etc.) for all the channels, amounting to more than 2,000 variables. The product is accessible via modbus on two media (Ethernet or RS485). Lastly, its small dimensions make it easy to incorporate into new or existing electrical cabinets, without reorganizing the space or adding an external electrical control box.