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  • 1988

    Creation of Enerdis as part of the Schlumberger Group

  • 1989

    Commercialization of the first display monitor in France

  • 1995

    Design of the Recdigit power monitor and the CMT2 modular meter

  • 1998

    Chauvin Arnoux takes over Enerdis, a company formerly part of the Schlumberger Group. Enerdis brings energy management to the core of metering systems with the "THOR" software

  • 1999

    Design of the TRIMARAN tariff meter
    for EDF

  • 2003

    Launch of the CCT pulse concentrator

  • 2006

    Enerdis is awarded the "Janus de l'industrie" prize for the ENERIUM power monitor, combining innovation and design

  • 2010

    RTE qualification of the TRIAD 2 programmable measurement transducers

  • 2013

    Enerdis revolutionizes the market with the ELOG web-box data logger, the smart concentrator supporting multiple communication protocols

  • 2014

    Enerdis wins the prize for Innovation in Energy Efficiency with the ELOG web-box data logger at the 19th Technology Awards Ceremony organized by the French magazine Mesures

  • 2018

    Enerdis is now Chauvin Arnoux Energy