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News France

05 Sep 2023

Thanks to our broad relays offering, the actuators on rolling stock or fixed installations are controlled in a way that guarantees user comfort and safety.

Check out our new video on the MEMO MD32 and MD65 energy meters. These two flagship products can be used for metering and measurement on the low-power electrical feeders in residential or tertiary buildings.

16 May 2023

Check out the interview with Patricia Rouquette, our Energy Market Manager, presenting the issues encountered in distribution network infrastructure and the solutions proposed by Chauvin Arnoux Energy.

Discover the new RGMV-RMMV Series of fast-acting monostable relays and the new RGBV-RMBV Series of fast-acting bistable relays in our Relays Catalog.

24 Mar 2023

From energy meters via measuring transducers to relays: this 2023 Selected Products brochure offers a summary of Chauvin Arnoux Energy’s know-how!

21 Feb 2023

Come and meet us from March 7th to 9th to discuss our expertise, products and new developments.