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News France

16 Mar 2021

Relays are an important range in CA Energy's offering and now benefit from a brand new dedicated catalog.

17 Feb 2021
21 Jan 2021

Measuring instruments; metrology and low-temperature sensors… the Chauvin Arnoux Group is proposing a complementary offer to handle the health prevention challenges now and in the future.

23 Nov 2020

To improve our support for you, we need to understand your requirements. Guide us by filling in our questionnaire. It's your turn to express yourselves!

07 Sep 2020

As of 21st September, the Chauvin Arnoux Group has chosen to move its Head Office to Asnières-sur-Seine.

01 Sep 2020

There's nothing like returning to work with a large number of new product launches in a dynamic, atmosphere brimming with energy. Just like us, in fact!

10 Jul 2020

Solutions for the players in nuclear, hydroelectric and thermal energy generation and electricity transmission & distribution networks