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Successful energy transition of electrical networks!

A comprehensive offering of innovative solutions for monitoring and optimizing electrical networks, helping to foster contractualization between the actors.

Our strengths in the transmission and distribution sectors

    We have mastered the design of products with critical functions for harsh environments

    Development of products meeting the stringent requirements of the technical reference frameworks in terms of metrological accuracy (MID, IEC 60688), signal analysis (IEC 61000-4-30), reliability (life span, etc.) and ruggedness (transformer substation environments, etc.).

    Innovation lies at the heart of the development approach underpinning our offering

    A significant proportion of our sales revenues is invested in research and development to propose appropriate innovations for the issues encountered in monitoring and optimizing electrical networks.

    In collaboration with the major players in the sector, we support the investigations and set up demonstrators, which are crucial for validating a technical solution before rolling it out.

    This approach is completed by our active participation in the industrial standardization committees.

    We have been assisting network managers in the development of critical functions for decades

    A particularly broad range of products covering all your metering, measurement and electrical network analysis needs, and which can be tailored to handle the specific issues encountered by network managers.

    This offering of products and solutions takes into account the constraints of migration in terms of specific installation features or protocol choices made over the years, thus facilitating the switchover between the roll-outs of different generations or technological levels.

    Discover the entire range

    • Monitoring and control of power flows and network stability

    Gridwatch solution for supervising electrical transformer stations

      • Anticipate aging of the transformer and equipment
      • Trace and secure the energy flows
      • Optimize the equipment and connections
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    Ulys MCM multichannel meter


      • Centralize measurements on multiple electrical feeders
      • Compact: 18 three-phase meters in 1
      • Compatible with a large number of sensors
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    TRIAD 2 digital electrical measuring transducers

      • IEC 60688 Class 0,1
      • Compliant with electrical substation environment as per IEC6000-6-5
      • 4 analog, RS485 or Ethernet outputs
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    ENERIUM power monitors

      • IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2s
      • Format 96x96 or 144x144
      • Up to 8 x RS485 or Ethernet inputs/outputs
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    ELINK IEC61850 communication gateway


      • IEC 61850 – Edition 2 server
      • Compatible with RS485 modbus for TRIAD 2 and ENERIUM
      • Easy setup using dedicated web pages
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    RCM / RDM range of interface relays

    • 2 - 4 contacts
    • Suitable for all types of load
    • High immunity to EMC disturbances
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    RGM-RMM range of relays for high inductive loads

    • 4 – 8 contacts
    • High breaking capacity (5A - 125Vdc inductive load L/R : 40ms)
    • High insulation between coil and contact (5 Kv)
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    RGMV-RMMZ range of fast-acting relays

    • 4 – 8 contacts
    • Switching time < 6ms (with bounce)
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    RDTE range of time-delay relays

    • 4 contacts
    • Time delay from 100ms to 16h
    • Latching and unlatching time delay on the same model
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    • Optimize your investments by boosting your knowledge of your electrical network

    ENERIUM300 power monitor

    • IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2s
    • Monitoring as per EN50160
    • Detection of voltage dips and surges
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    MAP COMPACT electrical network analyzer

    • IEC61000-4-30 Class A
    • 24/7 recording of electrical disturbances
    • Compact format
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    • Billing energy and guaranteeing supply quality at the points of connection to the networks

    ALTYS tariff meter

      • MID-compliant: EN50470 Class C
      • Up to 8 tariffs for 2 tariff systems
      • DLMS COSEM communication, on-off outputs and CIS data
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    JVR, JVO and JVP tariff current transformers

    • Compliant with IEC 60044-1
    • For cable and busbar primaries as well as wound primaries
    • Enedis-certified
    • Class: 0.2s
    • Multiple ratings
    • Low VA allowing interfacing with electronic meters
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    TRI500 and TRI700 range of flat-format three-phase current transformers

    • Compliant with IEC 60044-1
    • For aluminum and copper cables
    • Built-in short-circuiting system for greater safety
    • Class 0.2s
    • Multiple ratings
    • Low VA allowing interfacing with electronic meters
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    MAP 640 electrical network analyzer

    • IEC61000-4-30 Class A
    • 24/7 recording of electrical disturbances
    • 2MHz fast transients
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    • Associated software solution: EQUAL PREMIUM SERVER

    Complete Grid PQ assessment since commissioning

    arge-scale management of a fleet of network analyzers

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