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Supervising and managing electrical energy

Supervising your electrical network for better control at all times

superviser et gérer l'énergie électriqueDeregulation and privatization of the energy market are causing energy suppliers in the public and private sectors to monitor the status of their electrical network. At different scales, both sectors face similar issues for proper energy use. Chauvin Arnoux Energy, a company in the Chauvin Arnoux Group, proposes its technological expertise with a range of products and systems which are accurate, reliable and long-lasting.

Nuclear, thermal or hydroelectric plants, wind or solar farms, new operators: the multiple, diverse locations and methods used for energy production are forcing historical energy producers to make sure that their network is suitably balanced. It is becoming increasingly necessary to measure at all points on the installation in order to maintain the right balance between production and consumption. Chauvin Arnoux Energy covers energy companies' specific, and standardized measurement and metering requirements with an offering of products operating in very severe environments

On sites generating their own electrical energy (industrial sites, rail network), it is essential to protect, monitor and inspect the whole electrical network so that good-quality energy is constantly available. This necessarily calls for a real-time overview of the electrical parameters across the whole installation. Chauvin Arnoux Energy then proposes high-technology equipment

Power monitors for supervising electrical networks

centrale de mesure Enerium 200centrale de mesure Enerium 150A power monitor is a versatile element in the network which is installed on a feeder or inlet on the electrical switchboard in order to control, manage, operate and monitor the whole network by means of the following major functions:  


For maintenance and operation of the electrical network, the power monitor indicates the values of a wide range of network parameters, advantageously replacing a whole set of panel meters, transducers and switches. The gains for operators are not just financial (as soon as there is a power and/or energy management, the power monitor becomes more interesting in economic terms and considerably simplifies installation and wiring, as well as saving space on the switchboard or in the cabinet), but also technical because the power monitor will provide additional functions such as storage of the extreme values reached by the fundamental network parameters.

Capture and convert

With its numerous output possibilities, the power monitor becomes an energy meter (pulse output), a transducer (4...20 mA analogue outputs) or a digital sensor by means of a series link, so that you can access and process the data remotely. Lastly, thanks to its alarm outputs, supervision and maintenance of the electrical network are simplified by monitoring various parameters with regard to the thresholds programmed by the operator.


Intelligence: when associated with the internal clock, the power monitor's processor and memory enable it to offer recording functions. For operators, this means that the load curves of their network, the trends of the main parameters and the possibility of time/date-stamping events (alarms, outages, etc.) are available. To meet changing consumer demand, today's  power monitors supervise the quality of the electricity supply: detection of voltage faults, calculation of the current in the neutral conductor, total harmonic distortion, etc.  

Qualifying energy quality on the electrical network

supervision des réseaux

Monitoring of the electrical network to limit operating losses by detailed mapping of the network and quickly identify any symptoms linked to energy quality.  


  • Monitor and record very fast electrical phenomena at different points in the installation
  • Capture electrical events lasting around one millisecond
  • Analyze the recorded parameters and check the quality of the electrical energy flowing in the network
  • Determine the origin of the malfunctions and establish whether their sources are located before or after the point of supply 

The Chauvin Arnoux Energy solution

Implementation of a system to measure the quality of the energy from several points in the electrical network by means of:  

  • permanent network quality analyzers compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 standard Class A: MAP 640 with capture of rapid transientsMAP 620
  • software for automatic remote retrieval of the data from the equipment: E.Qual Premium Server    

solution Enerdis analyseurs de réseau MAP

 Download the Case Study


Nuclear plants:

CNPE EDF (France)
       GUANGDONG NPP (China)
       LINGAO NPP (China)
       KHNP (Korea)
       KOEBERG NPP (South Africa)

Transmission & Distribution:
RTE (France)
ERDF (France)
CIE (Côte d'Ivoire)
EDESUR and TRANSENER (Argentina)
EDL (Lebanon)
ENEL (Italy)
SEC (Saudi Arabia)
NEK (Bulgaria)
ONE (Morocco)
PLN (Indonesia)
SONELGAZ (Algeria)
STEG (Tunisia)
SONABEL (Burkina Faso)
SENELEC (Senegal)
TNB (Malaysia)
UTE (Uruguay)