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Tailored products for naval applications!

Essential meteorological and electrical surveillance solutions for the propulsion and navigation functions of military ships and submarines.

Our strengths in the naval sector


Meteorological sensors (Capteurs météorologiques (rotating vanes, anemometers, hygrometers, etc.), temperature measurement, measurement and supervision systems: a team of specialized engineers and technicians design our innovative, tailored systems to meet the very specific needs of industrial companies and government administrations (navy and national defense).

Chauvin Arnoux Energy helps all the players in the naval sector with digital meteorological systems and wind systems for collecting and distributing highly accurate meteorological data.

The versatile repeater is part of a modular system which is totally configurable and upgradable for remote collection of all the meteorological data via an Ethernet link or digital links.


A dedicated team accompanies you during your project, offering the guarantee of a system perfectly suited to your requirements. On the basis of specifications, our engineers develop products from the design phase through to their implementation on site. Advice on equipment development, commissioning, instrument configuration and operator training: our team can examine, quantify and complete any "turnkey" projects in accordance with the most demanding needs of each customer. 


Chauvin Arnoux Energy has been designing high-performance systems for the French Navy for more than 30 years, equipping ports such as Marseille, Dunkerque, Le Havre, etc. Internationally, a large number of other national navies place their trust in us, such as Chile, India, Malaysia, Brazil, etc.

Discover the complete range

  • Digitized weather sensors for naval defense environments


  • Compact: combines the two functions
  • Long-lasting: built and machined from bar stock, stainless-steel counterweight and cable gland, long-life bearings
  • Resistant: suitable for harsh environments (corrosion)

PTU sensor

  • Protection: cover certified by Météo France against disturbances
  • Long-lasting: stainless-steel cable gland

Seawater temperature sensor


  • Compact: easy integration
  • Complete: thermowell supplied
  • Fast: quarter-turn SOURIAU connector for simple mounting/removal



  • Meteorological data processing, display and distribution system

Multifunction repeater
  • Easy to read: 6.5-inch VGA LCD color screen
  • High performance: advanced algorithms comparing the data from all the sensors to provide a reliable, relevant indication of the different winds
  • Complete: recovery of the data from the sensors in the wind network


GPR repeater

  • Easy to read: 12-inch XGA LCD color screen
  • Rugged: cast aluminum casing capable of withstanding 260 G (version on shock absorber), SOURIAU connectors
  • Complete: recovery of weather data from the A25400 repeaters and the navigational computers
  • Compatibility: Ethernet and RS422 networks for the navigation data (redundancy)


Data concentration and communication unit

  • Robuste : coffret métallique intégré dans une enveloppe en fonte d’aluminium étanche
  • Polyvalent : multiples connexions entrantes et sortantes (Interfaçage avec les calculateurs de navigation et le réseau de vent et diffusion sur 4 liaisons abonnées suivant différent protocoles programmables)
  • Complet : passerelle de protocole et fonction datalogger


They trust us


  • Monitoring and indication of the statuses and temperatures of the engines and lines

Remote digital indicator

    • Rugged: range with extensive temperature withstand and military-type HE connections
    • Compact and flexible: 120 analog measurement channels (current, voltage, temperature, etc.), large number of logical outputs (on alarms) and analog outputs available.
    • Adaptable: addition of boards in the form of Internal / External add-on racks
    • Tailored: configuration tool for managing alarms on threshold detection, combinatory logic, recording capacity and modbus mapping, totally customizable by the user with the possibility of implementing different communication protocols



  • Digital, analog and pseudo-analog panel meters for electrical quantities

Multifunction panel meters

  • Adaptable: comprehensive software and customization of the product
  • Digital technology: complex transfer functions, Ethernet or RS485 communication
  • Easy to read: pseudo-analog panel meter. 360° display
  • Formats: round or rectangular barrel, 36 x 110 mm

Analog panel meters

  • Reinforced protection rating: IP55 – IK08.
  • Accuracy class: 1.5
  • Adaptable: small-diameter barrel for multiple connection possibilities
  • Compliance with the IEC 60051-1 standard
  • Functions: AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, maximum demand ammeter, DC ammeter, DC voltmeter and frequency meter



  • Speed measurement on rotating machines

Inductive and magnetic tachometric sensors

    • Comprehensive offer: magnetic technology for accuracty at high speed and inducati ve technology for accuracy at medium speed and detection of rotation direction.
    • Rugged: electromagnetic design with long life span, resistance to vibrations, extended temperature range
    • Outputs on wire or plug

Tachometric transducers and processing of process data

  • Compatible: with PE – PF sensors and other technologies (Hall effect, etc.)
  • Customizable: management of faults and configurable alarms
  • Reinforced software and hardware: SIL2 compliance
  • Signal conversion and processing: measurements, threshold functions… and transmission to outputs (Ethernet Profinet, RS485 Modbus, analog outputs, 8 on-off relays)
  • Process input: for MTAC