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Chauvin Arnoux Energy presents its two new T82N FAR1210B and T82N JAR1211B transducers

Since 1982, more than 100,000 transducers have been produced in Chauvin Arnoux Energy's factories, guaranteeing all the stages in the manufacturing process from design through to shipment to the customer. Chauvin Arnoux Energy's transducers are fitted on energy generation sites and in the substations of transmission networks all over the world.  

To complete the range, the new T82N FAR and JAR models have recently been redesigned to comply with the latest version of the IEC 60688 standard. They will be used for critical process monitoring applications in the demanding environments encountered in nuclear power generation. 


The rugged design of our T82N FAR and T82N JAR analog transducers 


Unlike digital transducers, analog transducers can be used in sensitive environments such as nuclear power plants. They are rugged, proven products without programmable digital components.  

The T82N FAR can be used to measure the frequency of the AC electrical grid. The T82N JAR can be used to measure the phase shift between the voltage and current on a single-phase AC electrical grid. 

These two transducers format these primary measurements as a 4-20mA or 0-10VDC process signal configurable when ordering. This is ideal for PLCs and other electrical systems at the core of the control processes. 


K3 qualification of the T82N FAR and T82N JAR transducers 


Due to the safety constraints, the nuclear sector is very demanding with regard to equipment. K3 qualification is required for certain equipment, depending on where they are installed. 

Five steps are necessary to obtain K3 certification  : electrical tests, EMC, temperature, seismic tests and growth of whiskers, thus guaranteeing that the equipment developed by Chauvin Arnoux Energy fully complies with the regulations governing sensitive environments and fulfils the safety requirements.