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As of 1st January 2018, Enerdis is changing its name to Chauvin Arnoux Energy, highlighting its membership of the Chauvin Arnoux Group while demonstrating its determination to develop measurement solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power and capitalizing on the reputation of its parent company.

logo chauvin arnoux energy

Energy at the core of the new identity
Switching from ENERdis to ENERgy ensures continuity in the origin of the name and the company's historic business sector, energy meters, while opening up to a booming market such as energy.
Chauvin Arnoux Energy is seeking to make an impression as a player on the energy measurement market and capitalize on its acknowledged know-how in solutions which have now proved their worth. It is openly striving to be more than just an offensive challenger and is determined to maintain a proactive attitude placing customers at the centre of a clearly-stated strategy to anticipate their needs by providing them with the solutions of tomorrow.
The choice of the word Energy, which is comprehensible in both English and French, makes its adoption much easier nationally and internationally, thus amplifying the effects.

The products will bear the Chauvin Arnoux brand
Chauvin Arnoux Energy's main products will bear the Chauvin Arnoux logo on their front panels. Same group, same marking. One major difference remains, however: Chauvin Arnoux focuses on handheld instruments while the new entity Chauvin Arnoux Energy will continue to seek growth in fixed measuring equipment.

Communication tools too
Whether print or digital, all Chauvin Arnoux Energy's communication tools will be marked with the new logo. On the web and in all our documentation, the Enerdis logo will gradually disappear, replaced by the Chauvin Arnoux Energy logo.
A new identity and a new logo to highlight its membership of a Group whose declared ambition is to be a major player in all measurement sectors in France and internationally.