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For tariff metering, choose our LV current transformers

With energy prices on the rise, it is important to have current transformers for tariff metering which perfectly match your needs.


To fulfil this requirement, Chauvin Arnoux Energy proposes a complete range of Low Voltage Current Transformers for tariff metering available in accuracy class 0.5 and 0.2s, helping you to improve the accuracy class of the measurement line and bill the electricity accurately and fairly!


Our products are developed and qualified according to the specifications defined by the distribution network managers and are suitable in technical terms for the calls for tenders on this market.


Our instruments are manufactured in our factories in France and inspected on site using our test benches. Each product is checked individually with a test certificate for certified products or on request.


Our transformers are available in 2 versions, Core and Plate-mounted. Find out more about them with this short animation!