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New Relays Catalog: the fruit of teamwork between France and Italy

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It took a year's work and significant collaboration between the teams at CA Energy France and AMRA Italy to produce this document which is now available to read and download! Descriptions, technical details, ptroduct advantages, photos, diagrams… at last, a single document presenting all the information on our relays and sockets!

=> Available to download now


For greater functionality, we have chosen to divide this catalog into 3 major sections.  


  • The Introduction and Selection Guides

The introduction presents the global technical data and the information inherent to our products. This section also offers an overview of our Relay and Socket ranges with optimized selection guides.


  • The Relays offering

CA Energy's Relays offering proposes around fifty references. From products assembled in France to those used in nuclear power, you will find products ready to meet your harshest requirements.


  • The Sockets offering

To complement its Relays offering, CA Energy also proposes sockets. Because each customer and each site is different, you need to find the right socket to fit your relay.