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No power cuts this winter!

The temperatures and weather in the next few months will have a very significant impact on people's energy consumption, with the risk that electricity may temporarily no longer be supplied in certain places.

To be able to implement the behaviors or management practices needed to cut electricity consumption, you have to make a survey of your electricity consumption per usage and per location : heating, ventilation, lighting, etc.

With the Ulys MCM from Chauvin Arnoux Energy there is no risk of a power cut this winter.

Ulys MCM TCCV1050

This new, innovative multi-feeder meter from Chauvin Arnoux Energy addresses this issue of available space in existing electrical installations. These 18 three-phase or 54 single-phase electricity meters in one product, in a volume equivalent to two meters. Its compact dimensions mean it can be integrated quickly and easily in any situation.

The Ulys MCM measures the current by means of a wide range of current sensors which are easy to install on any conductor: wire, cable, multicable, copper bar, etc. The split-core sensors can be opened, so they can be set up without cutting off the power and they are suitably sized: 6 current transformer models (from 5A to 600 A) and 2 flexible Rogowski coil sensors (up to 3,000 A).

The latest product, the TCCV 1050, is a 50 A current transformer which is particularly suitable for the building sector, where large numbers of electrical feeders are protected by 32 A or 40 A circuit breakers.

In the case of the building industry, we will seek to analyze the consumption for each type of use: heating, ventilation, lighting, etc. In addition, there are also certain specific types of consumption depending on the buildings involved: for example, a food shop will pay particular attention to the area containing the refrigerated sales cabinets. For the largest tertiary sites, it will also be necessary to trace consumption by the different buildings so that any energy-hungry buildings can be identified.

Electrical power distribution usually follows the functional setup of the sites. It will thus be possible to measure each usage and each location by equipping the right feeders with electricity meters.

Usually grouped in the same electrical cabinets or in the same electrical room, a large number of meters are installed in the same place: either inside existing cabinets or, when the available space is limited, in additional boxes set up alongside the measurement points.

Don't wait any longer to use the Ulys MCM, its small size combined with its innovative technology make it the asset for your energy saving projects!

Watch the video on implementing the Ulys MCM