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Save energy with our ULYS and MEMO meters!

Reducing energy consumption is a major concern for companies and industries. Our range of Ulys and Memo meters can help you monitor your energy consumption effectively. 

Check them out along with all the products from Chauvin Arnoux Energy in our General Catalog and our Selected Products brochure. 


The 270 pages of our General Catalog present all the products from Chauvin Arnoux Energy !

Power monitors, transducers, transformers, panel meters, analyzers… with just one click! The full technical range of Chauvin Arnoux Energy's expertise is already at your disposal! Take advantage of it!

Download our General Catalog!





This document contains 16 pages of concentrated technology . It proposes expertise and products for each of your concerns.

From relays to power monitors and including our current transformers, discover all our company's know-how for your needs.

See the Selected Products brochure!