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By your side at every stage

Products with high technological added value to satisfy the specifications of the players in the energy market

Chauvin Arnoux Energy, part of the Chauvin Arnoux Group, proposes its technological expertise to all the people involved in the energy production, transmission and distribution sectors in order to offer them a range of accurate, reliable and long-lasting products and systems. 

Nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants and wind or solar farms: Chauvin Arnoux Energy covers the specific and standardized measurement and metering requirements of energy production companies with an offering of products operating in very severe environments:
Automation relays
Measurement transducers
Analogue and digital panel meters
Power monitors

For energy transmission and distribution networks continuously operated, maintained and developed, Chauvin Arnoux Energy proposes high-technology equipment:
Measurement transducers
Tariff meters
Low-voltage current transformers for tariff metering
Power monitors
Network analyzers
Automation relays

Network balance and energy quality

The multiple, diverse locations and methods used for energy production are forcing historical energy producers to make sure that their network is suitably balanced and maintain the quality of the energy transmitted. Part of the energy produced is intermittent and difficult or impossible to control, although the electrical networks were originally designed to transmit electricity produced in a centralized way in one direction only, from the producer to the consumer. Injection of such intermittent production now means that electrical networks have to operate in both directions. This is why it is increasingly important for network managers to measure at all points in installations in order to maintain the right balance between production and consumption while guaranteeing the stability, reliability and quality of the power supply and service for everyone. 

Chauvin Arnoux Energy, part of the Chauvin Arnoux Group, proposes to meet this challenge with network managers in order to manage the electrical system proactively in the presence of distributed, unpredictable energy sources by offering reliable, long-term solutions.


Nuclear plants:
CNPE EDF (France)
KHNP (Korea)
KOEBERG NPP (South Africa)

Transport & Distribution:
RTE (France)
ERDF (France)
CIE (Côte d'Ivoire)
EDESUR and TRANSENER (Argentina)
EDL (Lebanon)
ENEL (Italy)
SEC (Saudi Arabia)
NEK (Bulgaria)
ONE (Morocco)
PLN (Indonesia)
SONELGAZ (Algeria)
STEG (Tunisia)
SONABEL (Burkina Faso)
SENELEC (Senegal)
TNB (Malaysia)
UTE (Uruguay)

K3 qualification

centrale nucléaireA demanding approach
To fulfil the safety requirements stipulated by customers in the nuclear sector, Chauvin Arnoux Energy is committed to an approach which is specific to this cutting-edge industry, with a K3-qualified offering. 
This EDF qualification for use in nuclear power plants obliges equipment installed outside the containment building to be capable of operating under seismic stress in normal environmental conditions. This capability is demonstrated by a qualification programme specific to each type of equipment.

Chauvin Arnoux Energy K3-qualified products

• T82 measurement transducers
• RE3000N and OK-B 184 automation relays

Why install Class 0.2s current transformers?

transformateur de courant tarifaireAs an integral part of the measurement line for metering, the financial impact of a current transformer's accuracy class is considerable, so it must be taken into account when making your choice. 

The right accuracy class to avoid losing money

For consumption of 12,000 MWh/year and a cost of 0.10 €/kWh
• Class 1 CT: ± 120,000 kWh or ± 12,000 €
• Class 0.5 CT: ± 60,000 kWh or ± 6,000 €
• Class 0.2s CT: ± 2,400 kWh or ± 2,400 €

(the calculation does not take into account the class of the measuring instrument or the line losses in the wiring network)

diagramme TC T&D