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News France

07 Sep 2020

As of 21st September, the Chauvin Arnoux Group has chosen to move its Head Office to Asnières-sur-Seine.

10 Dec 2018

The Chauvin Arnoux Group has just published a special issue to celebrate its 125 years of existence. Innovations, developments, orientations: find all the major challenges which entrepreneurs are ready to take on by relying on the men and women in the company.

02 Oct 2018

The ideal solution for fair rebilling of electrical power consumption. Mandatory for rebilling active energy, Chauvin Arnoux Energy's active energy meters are MID-certified.

17 Sep 2018

The Chauvin Arnoux Energy MEMO P200 power monitor, all the switchboards' favourite, has been revealed at last! For a clear, immediate view of your electrical network while controlling your costs.

17 Apr 2018

Chauvin Arnoux Energy now offers gold-plated contacts for cutting off very light loads on its RE3000 range of relays

27 Mar 2018

An anniversary based around the themes of innovation, digital applications and international business. 125 years of innovation, from the first Universal Tester, ancestor of the multimeter, in 1927, to the very latest Scopix IV oscilloscopes launched at the end of last year. 125 years of design in our 6 R&D centres. .

19 Dec 2017

As of 1st January 2018, Enerdis is changing its name to Chauvin Arnoux Energy, highlighting its membership of the Chauvin Arnoux Group while demonstrating its determination to develop measurement solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power and capitalizing on the reputation of its parent company.